Due to COVID-19, we are continuing to stay safe and providing all sessions through teletherapy. Please call 786-519-4375 to find out more.

Teen Therapy

How does teen therapy work?

Some teenagers like to sit and talk for the full session. Some are guidеd through the session with questions that open the way for more in-depth conversations. While some people are quick to open up, others are more cautious. Bloom Sooner prides itself on finding creative avenues to connect with our clients in meaningful ways that open up opportunities for personal growth. Some teenagers connect more through expressing themselves via creative or artistic endeavors. This type of process often leads to a deep and honest self-reflection that nurtures healing and maturity. Other times, playing and utilizing one’s imagination can usher conversations that might not have taken place otherwise. Ultimately, therapist is often fun and something that teens look forward to. That fun is the impetus for breaking through the fear and resistance that most teens have toward therapy and it builds the trust and safety necessary for the therapeutic relationship to thrive.

During the initial appointments, we will participate in an assessment process that looks at all areas of your life. We will take a comprehensive look at behaviors at home, school, and in the community, as well as medical and family histories. This thorough evaluation is important because it helps us to identify any psychological disorders, substance abuse, or risky behaviors that need to be addressed in treatment. It allows us to look at core issues and truly understand your unique personal history. Using this information, we develop an individualized treatment plan that takes into account your strengths and the factors that motivate you to change.