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Family Therapy

How does family therapy work?

What sets us apart is our ability to speak both “teenager” and “parent” languages. We not only act as translators, but we also help both sides to learn how to speak with each other and understand one another more effectively and more genuinely. This nurtures a deeper sense of empathy within your family and reduces the arguments and misunderstanding that can commonly create a divisive and stubborn wedge between parents and kids. We help remove that wedge so that you can build a relationship that is based on a meaningful and honest connection.

No two families are alike. Bloom sooner makes sure to approach each family according to their own distinctive needs. Whether it is a family of two attempting to create a more respectful way to communicate or a large extended family trying to wrestle with complex issues around loss, distrust, or a need for cleared boundaries, we are skilled at bringing people together. Blended families are living with their own set of uniqued intricacies, which can put strain on the marriage or sabotage a healthy development within the new parent/child relationship. Much like individual therapy, we utilize creativity to explore family relationships, which often creates options to address family dynamic in a very practical and solution-centered manner.

Family therapy assesses and treats the needs of the family systems as a whole. It can help families to strengthen communication, redefine roles, and restore healthy boundaries in order to improve both individual and family functioning. Family therapy gives each family member a chance to share his/her view of the problem and ideas for a solution. It facilitates communication and helps each family member really listen to and hear what the other is saying.