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Skin Care Questions? We got answers!

Founder of Bloom Sooner, Nicole Bueno, had the privilege to interview Amanda Cannon, Esthetician from New York City with common skin care questions from our very own teen clients. Just as important it is to take care of your mental health, your skin care is as important to maintain confidence, higher self-esteem, and ensure healthy and happy skin!

1. How do I know if I have Acne?

A: Acne is a cluster of cystic pimples or pustules all over the face. It is not a couple of tiny pimples. Acne surrounds the whole face and does not go away quickly or easily. It takes time, patience and care.

2. What can I do to help my Acne?

A: Get on a good skin care regime and stick to it for 90 days and see what works and doesn’t. Hydrate the skin and no not strip with harsh chemicals. Do not pick at pimples, and go to a professional for extractions. Otherwise, it will scar your skin and make it worse the more you pick at it. Dermatologists’ help get rid of the bacteria in your body to alleviate acne with medication, and estheticians help clean and extract your skin. Both will help clean up skin over time, not overnight. Unbalanced hormones in the body can also cause acne. It might be helpful to see a herbalist/holistic doctor to balance those hormones.

3. Why would I choose organic products vs. nonorganic?

A: Organic products are more natural and for very sensitive or allergic types of skin. It can also be a lifestyle choice. Organic products might not be strong enough to help with acne. Organic can be more of a natural, slower approach. Nonorganic products are not always stronger, depending on the product. But to kill acne, it is more necessary to use nonorganic.

4. What should I do daily to take care of my skin?

A: First cleanse the skin. Do not strip with products containing alcohol. Second hydrate ie: hyaluronic acid, hydrating spray. Third, solve the problem with a serum that fits your skin’s need. Fourth moisturize with a hydrating lotion, nothing drying. Last weekly treatments: peel, clay mask, gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask.

5. Does the food I eat make my skin worse?

A: Diet is very important. Avoid refined sugar, dairy can be a trigger and fried foods. Acne is not necessarily caused by the bad foods we eat, but avoiding these foods may help avoid inflammation and breakouts. Acne can be caused mainly by hormones and heredity.

6. I have oily skin, what products would you recommend?

Face wash: foam or gel cleanser. Only used 1-2 times a week use glycolic, salicylic. Exfoliate every other day.
Moisturizer: lotion for oily type skin
Face masks: clay mask, gel/moisture mask, and charcoal mask

7. I have dry skin, what products would you recommend?

Face wash: oil cleanser to take off make off, creaming cleaners that are hydrating
Moisturizer: hydrating lotions for dry skin
Face masks: moisture mask, sheet mask, anything hydrating

8. Can anti-aging products have a negative effect if I start using it now?

A: No, anti-aging products can be used at any age for preventative aging. Except for retinol products. Those can be over drying for younger ages especially with breakouts.

9. Is there anything I can do for stretch marks?

A: Vitamin E, and shea butter.

10. What is the best method when dealing with pimples and blackheads? Pop or don’t pop?

A: Do not pick or attempt to pop pimples or extract any blackheads. Failure to get all of the infection out of a pimple will result in more breakouts.

11. Best chapped stick for chapped lips?

A: Wax dries out lips. Shea butter hydrates the best.

12. How can I help/get rid of scars from Acne?

A: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Vitamin C. Depending on the severity of the scarring.