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Never Say This to Your Anxious Daughter

Moms, you want the best for your daughter, so when you have an anxious daughter, you’re almost at a loss for words. You don’t want to say the wrong thing or make her anxieties worse. What to do?

Don’t stress. All it takes is some mindfulness and a little bit of research. Luckily you’re in the right place. Never say THIS to your anxious daughter. Read on for more.

It’s going to be okay

 I get it, you’re trying to make your daughter feel better. Here’s the thing, you’re daughter’s brain is telling her the exact opposite. She’s probably having a stress response to whatever is going on outside of her body, so she doesn’t quite feel like everything is going to be okay. Instead, try some deep breathing with your daughter to help her calm down and feel less anxious about the situation.

It’s all in your head

This is true, but do you think your teenage daughter wants to hear this? No, definitely not. She needs to know that her anxiety is a valid part of her, rather than something that makes her different or seem crazy. Instead, try to validate what your daughter is feeling. Remind her she’s in a safe place with you by her side.

Just do it

Nike adverts are very inspiring, but they may not be what your daughter needs when she’s facing her fears head-on. Tough love is great in many situations, but sensitive teens need a different approach. Use some sympathy. When using tough love, your child may feel unsupported or get defensive.

I felt the same at your age

You’re trying to remind her she’s not alone but what it can come across as is invalidating. It’s almost dismissing, especially to a teenager. You don’t want to compare your daughter’s feelings to your own. Try to listen to your daughter’s worries. An open and honest conversation about the way she’s feeling can do wonders.