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How to break a Netflix binge

Alright, the holidays are over and you’re still on your couch? Houston, we have a problem!

If you’re anything like the other 52.77 million in the world subscribed (or “borrowing your families) Netflix account, then you’ve definitely fallen into the “next episode will play in 3, 2, 1” trap!

Below I will provide 4 tips on how to break the Netflix binge.

1) What am I avoiding?

First and foremost, ask yourself a couple of questions.

doing laundry

What am I avoiding? So if I wouldn’t be watching Netflix what productive thing would I be doing instead?
– You may find that you’re avoiding that huge laundry pile that you keep putting off or that project that’s going to take your company to the next level. It doesn’t matter how small or big, you’re 10x most likely leaving some other significant task undone.

Is this actually needed me time?
– If you’re actually taking a day to unwind and just being hard on yourself. Recognize that as well and just take the time to binge watch. However, answer the question above first to make sure you aren’t actually hiding from something.

2) Write down 3 – 5 productive or fun things you’re missing out on.

write ideas

In the morning or right now set the intention to not binge watch. Then, write 3 to 5 fun activities you are missing out on.

At times, we blame others for not being invited to a gathering or realize that the FOMO starts to kick in because you’ve watched your friends story and they’re having a great time somewhere else.

Stop the blame game and be active!

By writing 3 to 5 activities you begin to notice that it’s not just them, it may also be your “homebody” vibes. And listen, if it is them, then we’ll need to find you new friends! But your list will give you something to reflect on when Netflix asks “are you still there?” Pick one of those fun activities and just do it!

3) Disable Post-Play feature!

Well, thanks Captain Obvious. I don’t know about you but as I’m writing this article, I just found out you can actually disable post-play (automatically playing next episode).

Guess what? In the Netflix help center, they even teach you how! How nice of them. So no more excuses. If you’re really trying to break that Netflix binge, there is a way.

So here’s the deal, as I mentioned above, there is a time and place to binge when you’re body needs to rest or just go on autopilot for an hour or two. But as much as I love Netflix and boy, do I love them, we need to remember we have control over our lives and if Netflix auto-play is taking over, then it’s possible you’re life is also on auto-play which may or may not be a good thing.