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How Have The Women In Your Family Positively Shaped You?

It was recently my sister’s birthday and I instantly began to think how grateful I was to celebrate another year with her.

As I am thinking of this, I thought, “I know I am grateful but Why?”

When we think of leaders, we often think of Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, etc. However, the first leaders in your life start with the women in your family.

Here is how the women in your family positively shape you:

Help Build Positive Social Skills

Social skills are very important in building any relationship.
The women in our family are the first to model how to speak to others, when to use your manners, and how to appreciate others.
Through words of encouragement, seeing them thrive, and hearing their successes, you were taught what positive social skills looked like.
Helping you build the relationships you have every day.

Teach You About Hygiene

baby bath

From the way you brush your teeth to the body products you purchase are all taught in your childhood by the women in your family.

So thank them for all your body cleanliness!

Listen To Your Concerns

Women, in general, are known for their listening skills. They tend to understand, feel, and empathize more.

Reflecting on the smallest issue you had as a child to the largest issue as an adult – the women in your family were there to listen and care about your concerns understanding your unique weaknesses and strengths.

Guiding You Towards The Better Decision

Although the advice you get from the women in your life may not be what you want to hear, you know their intentions are good.

We all only do as good as we know. The women in your family have had more experience than us. Those experiences shape their guidance towards you.

mom and baby

Providing you with proper support towards the better option.

First Hug Ever

The first hug you ever received was from the women in your family.

They teach you the importance of physical touch and the emotion that comes behind it.

Regardless Unconditional Love

mom kiss baby

Even through your great and not so great decisions the women in your family love you unconditionally.

The way they show their unconditional love may look different but they are consistent in giving you love.

Reminding you that you are a great, amazing, and they will always be there for you.

Share a little extra love for the women in your life and express how much you appreciate all that they’ve taught you.

If you know a woman in your family that is not happy or struggling with a certain aspect in their life – share your concerns, light, and ask if they need help. Guide them towards the professional help they might need and remind them that you love them.