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Holidays with Your Teen: Finding the Right Presents that Aren’t Too “Adult” and Aren’t Too “Childish”

Gift shopping for your children when they were younger seemed a lot easier. They provided you a list, you went shopping for the specific item, wrapped it, and viola! However as your child gets older, your (now) teen just gives you an idea of what they want hoping you’ll figure it out. If your teen did not provide you with their “wish list”, shopping for the perfect gift can become a little more stressful. Below I’m providing a list of ideas for gifts you can buy your teen in regards to their likes/personality:

Forever Reader:

Sports MVP:


Always in the Art:

Best Dressed:

Animal Lover:

The holidays are meant to be stress-free and with this list I hope I provided you some ease into thinking “outside the box” while still being an awesome parent AND gift giver! Wishing everyone a happy holiday.