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Am I having an anxiety attack?

Are YOU experiencing an anxiety attack?

I’ll never forget my first anxiety attack. 

It was during dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I was on a date having a good time and as the meal came out, I suddenly started to feel I was going to die!

Anxiety attacks are tricky like that.

They literally comes out of no where and you feel you have no control over what’s going to happen next.

Which feels like death.

Wherever it begins in your body, it doesn’t matter because over time (even if it only last 2 minutes) you will more than likely be experiencing the following:

– Tight Chest

– Sweating

– Rapid heart race

– Indigestion

– Emotional disturbance

– Inability to focus

– Fear of dying

– Cramped breathing

– Nausea

– Heat wave over your body

How long do anxiety attacks last?

Anxiety attacks can last from 1 minutes to 10 minutes max.

They are in short increments but if you’ve never experienced one before, you will definitely feel as if you need to go to the Emergency Room.

Being aware of your medical history is important. But if you did go to the emergency room and the doctor reports everything is normal then you have most likely experienced an anxiety attack. (Obviously if you are not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs).

There is no “cure” for anxiety attacks however, you can discuss your panic attacks with a licensed professional to help reduce the symptoms and find the root to the problem.

If you or your daughter are experiencing an anxiety attacks, contact Bloom Sooner.

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