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4 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Lost

The four common reasons as to why you are feeling lost are either because:

1. You Are Not Where Society “Planned” 

Whether you like it or not, society (and your family) put a lot of pressure as to where you SHOULD be AND by when. You know what expectations they have on you yet you plan, attempt to execute but still seem to fall short. You end up then feeling or thinking you are not good enough, you should just quit, or more toxic, start comparing your life to others.

2. You Have Too Much On Your Plate

When you try to achieve your goals you become overwhelmed by what needs to be completed. You see the big picture and with that you also know comes bigger responsibilities. So instead of taking one responsibility at a time, you try to succeed at all of them (at the same time) but instead you half-a** them or fail at all of them. Or you get overwhelmed by the idea of having to get it all done and completely shut down.

3. Thoughts and Feelings are Contradicting

This may be new to you so hear me out: Your brain (thoughts) is very powerful and can attempt to trick your heart (feelings) to feel something else. However, if there is contradiction between how you feel and what your brain is reporting (your thoughts) then the feeling of being lost or anxious can arise. The reason is because one system affects the other. Our thoughts are connected to how we feel and vic versa. Therefore when you don’t find synchronicity between the two, your body believes it is either in danger or your heart or brain begin to work overtime to composite for the other.  This leads to you feeling lost as to which action (or choice) is the right one for you. This is normally when we begin to ask our friends and family for advice and get more confused (but that’s another story).

4. You’re in A New Transition Phase

The simple reason to feeling lost is because you are in a new transition phase of your life. You are going through a “growth spurt” which means you are re-creating your values, relationships, and/or your career. Growing will have it’s growing pains but there are a lot of benefits to feeling lost.

The feeling of being lost should be temporary. When you begin to notice you are not yourself and other’s are voicing their concerns because you are not attending events or becoming more irritable than usual it may be time to talk to a professional.

If you feel you are doing everything possible and even the advice from your friends and family isn’t enough, finding a therapist you can relate to can guide you to find ease and re-balance your life.