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10-Minute Exercise to Overcome Holiday Blues

Getting into the holiday spirit may be easy for some but very difficult for others. I remember feeling depressed, low, and having a lot of anxiety around the holidays. I was 19 years old and my parents after 32 years of being married decided to get a divorce. Boy, was I in shock! It was definitely a new experience. Christmas and New Years Day just didn’t seem right without my father being around. Over the years I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) aka seasonal depression. SAD is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year.

Throughout the years I decided to overcome SAD and find different techniques and exercises that would help me overcome this depression. Today I provide you with a 10-minute exercise to help you shift your mindset from depression to calmness during the holidays.

writing exercise

1. Write down 1 to 3 things you actually look forward to during the holidays.

a. Example: Food

2. Think about the values that go into what you choose.

a. Example: Nutrition, Quality time with loved ones, and sometimes-free food!

3. Deconstruct each value – What purpose does each value have for you?

a. Example: Nutrition – improves health and mood, enjoy the different flavors, etc.

4. Embrace the holidays with these values in mind.

5. Remind yourself – The holidays are temporary but the values you hold are permanent.

a. Bonus: Place values on your mirror to remind yourself of the purpose behind your actions, words, and time.

writing exercise 2

I hope you find the calmness during the holidays and reflect on what matters most to you.Did this exercise help, but maybe not quite enough? Reach out to Nicole Bueno of Bloom Sooner to schedule an appointment today!