Due to COVID-19, we are continuing to stay safe and providing all sessions through teletherapy. Please call 786-519-4375 to find out more.

blossom into more

blossom into more

Women therapy

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything and it’s still not enough? The feelings and thoughts of anxiety and depression love to convince you that you are not enough. Today we are here to tell you that we’ve been there and you are NOT alone. It’s OK to not be OK. Considering to come to therapy takes courage, strength and acceptance to want to heal. At bloom sooner, we want to help you blossom into more and take intuitive action towards love and forgiveness. 

Teen Therapy

Some teenagers like to sit and talk for the full session. Some are guidеd through the session with questions that open the way for more in-depth conversations. While some people are quick to open up, others are more cautious. Bloom Sooner prides itself on finding creative avenues to connect with our clients in meaningful ways that open up opportunities for personal growth. 

nicole bueno

We are passionate about helping girls and women struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression. We are here to drop the labels and instead focus on strengths to help release negative symptoms/habits that no longer serve you.

We help clients reduce anxiety using a unique and powerful combination of psycho-education, family therapy, mindfulness meditation, and muscle testing to break limiting belief systems.

Bloom Sooner

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